The WebKit Open Source Project



As you can see we've gotten a good start on documenting the projects that you can get involved with in WebKit. However we have many more documents that we would like to write. The documentation project tracks everything from the current Web site design to ideas for new developer docs and technical docs.

Get Involved!

Here are some tasks that you can help with.
Developer Documentation
We would like to build up a web site that describes in detail the DOM methods, CSS properties and APIs that are supported by the different versions of Safari and WebKit, so that people have a place to go to where they can find out what we support.
Project Documentation
We can always use more technical documentation, from helpful tutorials on using WebKit APIs to technical documents that describe how a particular functional area of the code works.
Use Blogs/Wikis
We may in the future use blogs or wikis for the project pages. This would enable them to be updated more easily and to allow collaboration to take place within the project pages themselves.
Existing Documentation
Introduction to WebKit Objective-C Programming Guide
[TODO: Add links to other existing Apple docs]