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Safari 3.0 Beta!

Posted by Dave Hyatt on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 1:02 am

As you have no doubt heard by now, the Safari 3 Public Beta is now available for OS X and (surprise!) for Windows XP and Vista. We’re very excited to be bringing the WebKit engine to Windows. CSS shadows, border images, multiple backgrounds, outlines, SVG, AJAX-y goodness, it’s all there!

What does this mean for WebKit? Well, it means that we’re making the leap in a big way to another platform, and we’d like all you Windows developers out there to join us!

The Windows WebKit port will be landing later today. We’ll also be landing all of the same scripts that are available to Mac contributors for easy checkout, building and running on Windows. We’ll provide information on the Debug menu (yes, it’s there!), nightly builds (so that you can follow the progress of the project), and some other exciting improvements that will be coming for *both* Mac and Windows!

If you’re a Windows developer and want to get involved with the open source project, come find us later today on #webkit (FreeNode) where we will have engineers ready to assist you with checking out and building the code.

38 Responses to “Safari 3.0 Beta!”

  1. gelosilente Says:

    is safari 3 beta replacing the webkit of tiger (so will be used from mail too)?

  2. Mike West Says:

    Brilliant stuff, guys. Nice work indeed…

    Of course, my immediate thoughts are, selfishly, about how this impacts me as a web developer. :) As Safari 3 replaces entirely the webkit version used by Safari 2, will there be an Apple supported way of running both side-by-side for testing? Failing that, will you publish the build number of the Webkit version used in Safari 3 so that we can leave Safari 2 installed, and run a nightly?

  3. Adam Salter Says:

    My thoughts exactly.
    I wasn’t expecting it to overwrite the old version… Expecting more of a Webkitty side-by-side type thing.
    Currently Safari 3 seems to cause trouble with:
    Safari Stand (doesn’t close tabs on sidebar)
    Xyle (links don’t work)

    There may be others, but that’s all I’m aware of at the moment.

    The resizable text fields makes it all worth it though :)

  4. Dimitri Bouniol Says:

    I wonder if Safari on windows secretly uses a windows compatible version on the cocoa framework…

  5. Christian Says:

    Thank you very much for making Safari available on Windows. However, my experience with Safari 3 on Windows has been less than satisfying, and I would question the wisdom of releasing a beta at this time. See . Honestly, I think this reflects badly on Apple’s reputation as a software vendor.

  6. nexusprime Says:

    nice work on the mac os x version, team :)

    it is much faster than any other browser on my aging powerbook, and blisteringly fast on my mbp, and for a beta i have yet to run into issues.

  7. hawkman Says:

    The text fields are pretty damn cool, the CSS improvements are awesome (of course)… Selecting text in the RSS view is a complete pain though, and I share concerns about running 2 & 3 simultaneously for development purposes.

  8. IAmJake Says:

    Wow! I’ve been using SafariWin for a couple of hours now and I must say I’m impressed!! Can’t wait to get my hands on WinWebkit!

  9. jerry.mead Says:

    Many thanks from everyone who uses our free Neptune plugin

    to access IE-only sites on Windows (such as Windows Update) from non-IE browsers.

    Nice, clean and – up to now – crash-free rendering of Neptune-hosted content.

    Also niice to see that we can launch Zeepe samples from

    using ‘runzeepe:’ straight out of the box.

    Very pleasing, thanks again.

  10. Christian Says:

    Thanks to Niels Leenheer, I was able to fix the crashes on my system ( ). It seems that the problems are solved when creating the respective localization folders (for me: de.lproj / German.lproj ). Now Safari is much more fun on Windows :-).

  11. Scott Says:

    I’m happy to see Safari 3, but I’ll third the concern about how to test against Safari 2 and 3. As far as I know, the only way to do this on one system is to either install/reboot/uninstall/reboot Safari 3 when needed or partition the hard drive and run another instance of OS X – which would also require rebooting to switch between the two.

    A virtualization solution would be acceptible, but I thought I read that Parallels and VMWare weren’t going to pursue that option. Could be wrong though.

    Anyway, it’d be a real time saver if there was some way Safari 2 and 3 could be run side-by-side.

  12. Jacques PYRAT Says:

    And best of all, despite of Apple statements, it installs and runs on Windows 2000 Pro (French) !

    PS : my website is completly broken (navigation links, links).

  13. onohiroki Says:

    Safari 3 beta for Windows, it seems that cannot display Japanese.

  14. Christian Says:

    onohiroki, I was able to display Chinese text ( ) and Japanese text ( )without any problems. Maybe you should try the fix mentioned in and create folders called jp.lproj and Japanese.lproj instead of de.lproj and German.lproj.

  15. smooth-graphics Says:


    tried to test it but i don’t see any texts. menu is there but can’t read anything, think it’s the same color as the background?!
    plese help me!

  16. kitp Says:

    Any chance Drosera will be released with the Safari beta, or the version from the nightlies can be adapted to work with the beta?

    Otherwise, loving the beta.

  17. Jeff Schiller Says:

    Can someone please update ?

  18. Mr Zippy Says:

    Has anyone else noticed the form widget inconsistencies on the Mac version?

    There is a mix between standard and aqua widgets for drop down menus and submit buttons, previously they were all aqua.

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  20. bruce Says:

    First off, congrats to the Safari team!

    I just watched the keynote, and I noticed something I wanted to get clarified. Steve says Safari 3 will be available for Leopard, XP, and Vista. He also says the S3 beta is available on Tiger. But he seems to avoid saying the released version of S3 will be available on Tiger. Can someone in the know comment on whether S3 will be supported on Tiger, or is this just a beta-only thing?

  21. omnivector Says:

    The beta for Tiger won’t receive all of the Leopard features but similar to Safari 1.3 for Panther, Safari 3 for Tiger will have the same version of WebKit as Leopard when it is out of beta.

  22. diamondsw Says:

    Okay, I’m confused utterly…

    You have a perfectly good system for distributing self-contained nightlies of Safari. However, instead of using this, the Safari 3 Beta overwrites the system-level WebCore and JavaScriptCore, and requires a fragile “uninstaller” package to revert. Meanwhile, said beta not only has some minor issues, but it breaks all InputManager hacks, breaks many widgets, breaks some third-party applications.

    Why were people subjected to this? Whoever is in charge of the Safari 3 Beta should be in serious hot water, as it’s causing a lot of completely unneccessary end-user pain, and giving Safari 3 an undeserved reputation as a crashy, unstable browser. You had a better system (exemplified right here!) and failed to use it when it would be most appropriate. Absolutely stunningly stupid (and to be clear, I am not blaming the folks here in the WebKit group – this has poor/secretive/stupid management written all over it).

    Meanwhile, will we see nightlies here that include the new (non-WebKit) features from Safari 3 or not? All I want is a self-contained version of Safari that I can report bugs against, and still possibly use some of the new features, but without the massive breakage caused by the Safari 3 Beta.

  23. pwinn Says:

    Congrats on a great product, well-delivered! My experience with Safari on Windows XP isn’t quite perfect, but I’m still sticking with it despite three crashes (two yesterday, one so far today). That’s how much faster Safari is than Firefox on my system!

    I’m also seeing favicons disappear too easily, and having to re-login to sites that should still have me logged in (like gmail, among others), but I suspect some of these things will be fixed soon enough. And oh yeah, “Reopen all windows from last session” is always grayed out for me, too.

    The one thing I’m not sure is actually a *bug* and so might be reported by lots of people, is that the menu area is too dark on Windows. Too dark to read the title on the tabs, or the bookmarks. Really, really dark. Perhaps I could resolve the problem by changing my color settings on XP, but that’s not the kind of thing most Windows users are likely to do.

    Thanks for the speed! I feel like I’ve saved time already, despite the crashes.

  24. Mark Rowe Says:

    @diamondsoftware: You are confused. We do not distribute nightly builds of Safari. We distribute builds of WebKit, Safari’s rendering engine, but they simply use your installed version of Safari when running. Releasing a new version of Safari requires different techniques than simply updating the rendering engine.

  25. mcroft Says:

    So, if I understand Mark correctly, I can test how my web apps look in 2.x vs. 3.x by using the SVN source for 2.x and the beta for 3.x

    That assumes that WebKit is branched and the WebKit in the beta isn’t just a snapshot of the WebKit I’ve been building periodically (with a newer Safari around it).

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    How to stop Safari from constantly crashing…

    If you installed Safari on a non-English version of Windows you are probably
    experiencing quite a lot of crashes. There are many ways to crash the browser:
    enter text into a form field, add a……

  27. diamondsw Says:

    @MikeRowe: Okay, that makes complete sense for what the nightlies will and will not do. Thanks for the clarification for the dense folk out here. :)

    However, the question still remains for the Safari team (oh, do I wish I had an e-mail for them): Why isn’t the Safari 3 Beta self-contained in much the same fashion as the WebKit nightlies? Sure, there’s a lot more there than a nightly, but it’s been established that these frameworks – especially BETA frameworks – do not need to be installed at the system level where they will impact other applications.

    Since the Safari 3 Beta wipes out the “original” WebKit, is there any chance you guys could post a “oldie” build that would allow using the older WebKit while running Safari 3? A lot of people will need to test with all three – Safari 2, Safari 3, and nightlies, and right now we’re pretty crippled on the 2/3 issue.

  28. Mark Rowe Says:

    @diamondsw: My name is Mark Rowe, not Mike Rowe. You’ll notice that it says my name directly above my comment.

    Bundling the framework inside the Safari application would mean that no other WebKit-using applications are able to take advantage of the new version of WebKit. It would also mean that they get no testing with the updated frameworks.

  29. diamondsw Says:


    Ack! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I had to log in between reading it and posting, and I flubbed it. My apologies!

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  31. hawkman Says:

    “It would also mean that they get no testing with the updated frameworks.”

    So – you’re looking for bug reports from WebKit-using apps? Like, the way iChat sometimes now seems to require a user event (such as mouse movement) to update the chat when I send a long message? (I’m assuming iChat uses WebKit – either that or it’s the biggest coincidence I’ve experienced in my short life…)

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  33. Guillaume O. Says:

    I installed Safari 3 without removing Safari 2 with simply rewriting frameworks install pathes and defining DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH (install script follows, not localized to English):

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  35. Andrew Says:

    Is the news of Safari on Windows really “news?” I mean, call me crazy but I’d always assumed that iTunes for windows was using the Safari engine to render its pages. I’ve also assumed, I reckon, that iTunes for Mac was using the Safari engine to render its pages.

  36. pwinn Says:

    Since I left my first comment, I changed my cookies setting to be wide-open, which solved the login problem. Either those sites inaccurately set the domain on cookies, or Safari’s “not third party” setting considers everything third-party!

    I’ve had my fourth crash, and what makes that supremely frustrating is that the “Reopen All Windows From Last Session” menu item is persistently grayed out. That could end up being a deal-killer for me, but I’m sticking with it so far.

    I finally figured out why I couldn’t drag single tabs into existing tab sets. In case anyone else thinks that the Windows version just won’t let you do that (maybe it’s just me), the trick is to drag up or down *first*, not side-to-side. Once you’ve dragged a tab sideways, even slightly, it can no longer be dragged *away*.

    There are a variety of other tiny things, probably related to Windows XP not supporting various function calls, but it’s so fast I’m willing to put up with a bunch. :-)

  37. wbardwel Says:

    So…what aproximate date from the sources is beta 3 based on? Because I am seeing bugs that really mess me up, that were fixed in April…like .
    And it just lists 522 as its webkit version which is not very informative.

  38. phill Says:

    You have entered text on…. please make it stop!