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Posted by Dave Hyatt on Monday, February 12th, 2007 at 1:27 am

I just saw this article on Digg about how to “speed up Safari” by reducing the “page load delay” in preferences. In the comments are many testimonials like “Oh my gosh! Safari is so much faster now!” This just goes to prove how inaccurate people’s powers of perception are when it comes to measuring the performance of browsers. I say this because the preference in question is dead and does absolutely nothing in Safari 1.3 and Safari 2.0. :)

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  1. Dimitri Bouniol Says:

    I was wondering how one could make the fastest web browser even faster…

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  3. hugin Says:

    Well, what can I say, besides just: 😀

  4. Rosyna Says:

    I’ve always said that digg is for people not smart enough to realize that every commenter on slashdot is an idiot. 😉

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  6. Scifience Says:


    I’m the developer of this utility in question.

    I honestly had no idea that this no longer worked in Safari 2.0. I have updated the product’s website to that effect, making it clear that this doesn’t effect the latest releases of Safari. The first version of SafariSpeed was released years ago when this did apparently actually do something, and the feature has stuck around. Not that it matters, but this hint in its command line form still gets passed around Mac OS X Hints and other forums on a routine basis.

    If anybody who registered feels like they got ripped off because of this, I truly apologize. I had no idea whatsoever about this until just now. Please drop me an e-mail using the form on the website or send it to awarofka AT scifience DOT net along with the e-mail address you used to register and what payment method you used and I’ll give you a full refund. I hope, though, that you will still find the other features (disabling favorite icons, cache, interface change, PDF support, debug menu, which as far as I know still do what they are supposed to – Dave, want to confirm this?) useful.



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  8. hyatt Says:

    Yes, all the other features do what they’re supposed to do, although if you have any real-world examples of the cache actually slowing down browsing, we’d love to hear about it. I’m not sure why anyone would want to disable the cache, since the way it’s architected it really shouldn’t slow browsing down at all.

    The favicon issues are well-known, and that’s why the feature has been re-architected for the next version.

  9. bergamot Says:

    So if there’s no page delay, how do you avoid the Flash of Unstyled Content problem?

    Or are you saying that there still is a delay, but it cannot be turned off?

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  15. Thinine Says:

    @bergamot: There’s still a delay, it’s just automatic now instead of a preset time (AFAIK). So WebKit tries to detect when it can render and avoid a FOUC while still rendering as soon as possible. AFAIK, at least.

  16. Ed Says:

    You know David, I understand your point of view. However, I am a bit frustrated with the lack of progress end users have seen in Safari 2.x to date. Aside from the 4 minor updates since Tiger released, where has the development been? No 2.1, 2.2, 2.5 release? I know that WebKit has been updated quite a bit since Tiger’s release so how about filling us in on this?

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  21. Tiago Bugarin Says:

    hyatt, sorry for misusing this place but i found out no other way better than this (no help at the irc).
    i have been using safari sice it’s begining and today i found out something that is really bothering me: address bar auto-completion in-line.
    i have lots of bookmarks and i visit hundreds of sites everyday. with this behavior safari tries it’s best to help me by auto-completing what i am typing in forms, searchs and in address bar. the thing that drives me nuts is the fact that when i am typing something common like ‘’ in the middle of the ‘wikipedia’ it is already auto-completing IN-LINE and, more obviously, giving me a droped-box with others sugestions.
    for sure it is a feature for some but for others it is a bug. is there a way to disable this function and have only the droped-down-box?

  22. llinn78 Says:

    ha ha … count me as one of the fooled — I swore it seemed faster. Hmmm, maybe I could make up a fake app that ‘speed up’ all apps and make some money!

    Hey, speaking of digg, you ever notice Safari crashes regularly when you try to drill down in digg to look at user comments on diggs? I get the spinning beachball of death virtually every time — the only site I go to that Safari chokes on regularly.

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  24. josenintendo Says:

    SSOOoo let me get this straight.

    You’re amused that people feel Safari is slow as balls (enough to have this article on Digg) and can’t do anything about it?

    So their perception is flawed. Safari has still become the most unstable (and slow!) browser these last few years, and it’s really starting to suck that what was once an amazing web browser with unparalleled standards support is slowly becoming a bloated, unreliable browser with unparalleled standards support. Don’t think it’s slow? Try loading a page that does a lot of post-load JavaScript stuff (a large Digg comments page, perhaps?) and witness the rainbow ball spin for upwards of 30-60 seconds. Oh, and the form element formatting being missing since day one is utter horse ****.

    Well, at least you’re amused. 😉

  25. Thinine Says:

    If you have something specific so say, report a bug. If not, quit yer bitchin.

  26. Ed Says:

    David, Can you please reply to these “inaccurate people’s powers of perception”? If Safari is so damn better in performance as you say, please ask your Apple managers if some 0.x updates can be released. I doubt it will happen.

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  28. gavza Says:

    Not sure what josenintendo is moaning about. Tried loading:

    which has a lot of comments, and it took ~8 seconds (Mac Pro), with no spinning beach ball. With the latest Webkit, it was ~5 seconds. Could it be faster? Of course; faster is always better, and Firefox 2 does it in 3-4 seconds. I hope that Safari in Leopard is faster still, but I’m happy with Safari 99.99% of the time, and I file a bug on the odd occasion when I notice a problem.

  29. josenintendo Says:

    The above link takes about 10 seconds to load for me, but then spinning beach ball for about 30-40 before the blue gradient fills the URL entry bar; I’m plugged in AC with a “hi-res” Powerbook G4, 1G ram.

  30. adele Says:

    josenintendo, this would be really great info to have in a bug report.

    If you could get a sample of Safari when its beachballing, that would be great too.


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  34. jed Says:

    gavza says “not sure what joseintendo is moaning about. Joseintendo says the link takes about 10 seconds to load, but 30-40 before it’s done. I wish I got that kind of performance. Safari on a MacBook Pro is SLOOOW. I also have a dual-boot PC with Firefox under Windows XP and/or Linux. They are quite snappy, no loading delays there. The Mac sucks on response time. Yet, both machines are running off the same wireless router. So what’s the difference? Firefox on the Mac doesn’t seem any better.

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