The WebKit Open Source Project

HTML and XHTML (HyperText Markup Language)


This is the home page for work on WebKit's HTML and XHTML implementation. HTML work generally falls into four categories: work on site compatibility and handling of invalid HTML, work on finishing HTML4 support, extensions to HTML like the canvas element used in Dashboard, and XHTML work.

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View bugs in the HTML component in Bugzilla.
Complete HTML4 Support
There are a handful of HTML4 issues remaining, including adding support for a few more attributes for legacy HTML to APPLET and OBJECT, implementing the BDO element, and implementing alignment inheritance in table columns.
Improve XHTML
We want to improve our XHTML rendering, making it as incremental as HTML and making sure entity support and scripts work properly.
Extend HTML
We are interested in the WhatWG work to extend HTML to have functionality that has not been covered in any other HTML specifications.