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Yet another one more thing… a new Web Inspector!

Posted by Timothy Hatcher on Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 at 5:00 pm

As some of you saw last week at WWDC, we have a brand new version of the Web Inspector. We know that a lot people have found the current Web Inspector useful, and we have gotten a lot of feedback and suggestions about how to make it even better. And boy have we been listening! We have taken the current Web Inspector and have added a bunch of new features that you will find invaluable for web development:

  • Completely redesigned interface, no longer a transparent panel
  • Works with any WebView inside third-party applications, not just Safari
  • Supports docking to the inspected page
  • Shows all resources included by the page, sorted into categories
  • Global search through all text-based resources
  • Console to show errors and warnings with live JavaScript evaluation
  • Network panel showing resource load timeline along with HTTP request and response headers
  • Resource size and load time summary graph in the Network panel
  • Syntax highlighted HTML source
  • Inline JavaScript and HTML error reporting

We will be telling you in more detail about all of the great new features in future blog posts.

We have been working on this for a long time, but now we want to get the whole WebKit community involved with making this the best web development tool available. So show up in #webkit or on the mailing list and suggest new ideas or implement them yourself (remember everything is HTML, JavaScript and CSS)!

And there is one more thing… all of this new inspector goodness also works on Windows.

The new inspector is available in the Mac and Windows nightly builds.

New Web Inspector

67 Responses to “Yet another one more thing… a new Web Inspector!”

  1. Matt L Says:

    Nice work guys, that is awesome!

  2. adele Says:


  3. Rosyna Says:

    “Completely redesigned interface, no longer a HUD window”

    I think you mean “transparent panel”.

    Also, the screenshot would have been truly awesome if you were using the Zune theme when you took it. Brown, ftw.

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  5. squareman Says:

    First noting that the size of the columns are not adjustable in the inspector. Also the height of the window when it’s pinned to the document seems unadjustable. Those would be key things to fix.

  6. adele Says:


    Those suggestions sound like they’d make great bug reports:

  7. Charles Gaudette Says:

    A++ I’ve just been playing with it for a few minutes, but Web Inspector has gone from being a “useful tool” to “changing the way I work”.

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  10. Mitz Pettel Says:

    The new inspector is smarter, prettier and more useful than most actual pages I use it on. Kudos to Adam and Tim!

  11. andrew.hedges Says:

    Is there a way to get this to work with widgets?

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  16. serpicolugnut Says:

    Very nice guys! Suddenly, everyone who was complaining about the lack of a Firebug like tool in Safari just got a little quieter.

    It’s incredibly informative and useful, and looks great to boot. I’d also echo squareman’s sentiments – those columns and docked window should be resizable.

    My main question is how would I go about using this in a 3rd party app (as you stated can be done), like in Coda, for example?

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  18. xenon Says:

    @serpicolugnut, you will want to use the following command:

    defaults write com.panic.Coda WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

    Then with a build of webkit you can use the run-webkit-app script like:

    run-webkit-app Coda

    You can also use a nightly build with DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH.

  19. Bruce Rindahl Says:

    So how do you fire this up on .. er.. um.. Windows?

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  21. ccapeng Says:

    Same question, how do I enable it in windows?
    I have enabled debug menu, but don’t see Inspector.

  22. xenon Says:

    Right click on the page and select Inspect Element.

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  24. nic Says:

    I inspected the Web Inspector. How very meta.

    It’s fantastic, a lot better and easier to understand visually (and navigate) compared to the old one, but I think I need a bigger or another screen. It feels very cramped on my PowerBook (12″).

  25. Mike.Hotaling Says:

    When you said you could inspect in ANY app, I didn’t know that you meant even within the inspector itself! That was a little weird.

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  28. Chriha Says:

    Doesn’t work with Vista. Everytime I try to run the .cmd file, safari crashes …

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  33. whoughton Says:

    Are the debugging options available compatible with Firebug (e.g. can we use one set of debug code now across both browsers)?

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  35. coolfactor Says:

    I just downloaded the latest Mac build, but it didn’t have the new Inspector. I found that kinda strange. I’ll try again.

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  41. skyfex Says:

    I love the new inspector, but I found the old inspector useful for certain purposes. The new one requires so much space, while the old one was light and neat.. On my laptop the old one would be more efficient for many smaller tasks. I want the old one back, maybe as a “Quick Inspect” or something..

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  49. zapradical Says:

    so… is there a way i can get this on my system to inspect pages in safari without having to install webkit?

  50. adele Says:

    @ zapradical

    The only way to try out the new Web Inspector right now is download a WebKit nightly build. Running a nightly build doesn’t actually replace anything on your system, so there’s nothing that really gets installed.

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  58. mazdak_rezvani Says:

    This is a great tool One very important thing missing from it though:

    The ability to change values (like Firebug in Firefox)

    When I click on a CSS value, I’d like to be able to play around with it to see how it affects the page. It would be even nicer to have the CSS file display editable.

    Thanks for the great tool though.

  59. cyrilgodefroy Says:

    This Inspector is wonderful. I am writing an ebook on web site optimization (client-side) and the lack of such a tool for safari was really a disappointment for me (as Safari is my primary browser).

    I have small requests/comments on the network view after using it for only a small amount of time :
    – the size of the request fo each item is lacking, and the ‘cookie’ header too. I ‘ve come accross several web sites where cookie size and requests sizes are huge and a real performance issue. The inspector should help showing this.
    – the url of the request should be added : resources typically come from different servers. why
    – the page view hides the fact that you can go through several redirections (302) between pages. Maybe the redirections could be recorded and the page cleaned up on a click event?

    Otherwise, I love the css/html/images/javascripts breakup. It is a gem in the gem. Summarizes superbly a page so that even the guys at marketing can understand it.

    PS: : please send info on the inspector to the guys building the apple startpage (they coul save some bandwidth etc/…)

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  67. countZZero Says:

    Does this incorporate FTP/SFTP?

    Just curious…
    Karl A. Shalek