Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 169

Safari Technology Preview Release 169 is now available for download for macOS Monterey 12.3 or later and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS Monterey, or System Settings under General → Software Update on macOS Ventura.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 262762@main…263289@main.

Web Inspector

  • Console Tab
    • Fixed internal properties not getting greyed-out in object previews (262924@main)
    • Fixed non-enumerable properties appearing as though they’re internal (262923@main)
    • Fixed timestamps (263261@main)
    • Fixed repeated logs sometimes having the wrong timestamp (263265@main)
    • Fixed timestamps causing objects to be shown on a separate line (263263@main)
  • Sources Tab
    • Added support for ES2022 Private Fields when inspecting and logging JavaScript objects (262882@main)


  • Implemented overflow-block and overflow-inline media query features (263088@main)
  • Implemented the from-font value for font-size-adjust (262800@main)
  • Fixed parsing of nested at-rules with CSSOM (263028@main)
  • Fixed background-size to not accept unit-less lengths (262873@main)
  • Fixed cross-size width of a table flex-item inside inline-flex with column flex-direction (263001@main)
  • Fixed text-emphasis marks to not render if there is no emphasized character (262997@main)
  • Fixed computed style to reflect trimmed block-start, block-end, inline-end, and inline-start margins for grid items in horizontal writing-mode (262967@main, 263002@main, 263008@main, 263006@main)
  • Fixed rebuilding the rule set from the original (not resolved) selector (263026@main)
  • Fixed rendering issue with checkbox in flexbox layout (263052@main)

Scroll Snap

  • Fixed snapping to the last snap position when performing layout when scroll snapping occurs with a phyisical mouse wheel (263108@main)
  • Fixed scrolling with a physical mouse wheel to not always animate to the closest snap point (263071@main)
  • Fixed updating the tracking for currently snapped boxes on each scroll-related snap and re-snapping after layout (263097@main)



  • Renamed :open to :popover-open and removed :closed (262764@main)



  • Fixed aria-activedescendant to work for display: contents elements (263163@main)
  • Fixed aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffects to work for display: contents elements (263249@main)
  • Fixed CSS speak-as, AXAccessKey, aria-owns, and URL AX APIs to work for display: contents elements (263205@main)
  • Fixed isSelected AX APIs for some types of display: contents elements (263014@main)
  • Fixed properly exposing lists that have display: contents list items (262889@main)
  • Fixed conveying focus movement when using aria-activedescendant to set the active cell within a grid (263189@main)
  • Fixed computing the wrong accessibility clickpoint for display: contents links and headings (263287@main)


  • Fixed to end a muted microphone track if its device disappears (263132@main)
  • Fixed a default camera whose facingMode is unknown to be selected by getUserMedia if there is no facingMode constraint (263022@main)


  • Fixed <audio> element counter-scaling causing overlapping media elements when page scale is less than 1 (262952@main)


  • Added customElements.getName method (263281@main)
  • Added missing service worker content filter check (262972@main)
  • Fixed createImageBitmap using ImageData to respect the premultiply flag (263137@main)
  • Fixed data: URL base64 handling to always match atob() (262976@main)
  • Fixed postMessage support to occur when creating service worker clients (262818@main)
  • Fixed HTML fast parser failing to parse complex HTML entities (262856@main)
  • Fixed missing underline after the first character in contenteditable (262914@main)
  • Fixed from an iframe not exiting fullscreen for parent document (263284@main)