Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 198

Safari Technology Preview Release 198 is now available for download for macOS Sequoia beta and macOS Sonoma. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 279855@main…280286@main.


New Features

  • Added support for the :active-view-transition pseudo-class. (280027@main) (129851076)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed input elements to use the [value] as the first fallback step base. (280127@main) (107721910)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed V128 values to be throwable to match the specification. (279989@main) (106030051)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed missing picture-in-picture when leaving Safari with picture-in-picture enabled from video viewer. (279877@main) (124376686)
  • Fixed the context menu to show “Exit Viewer” when using video viewer. (280128@main) (126300924)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed scrolling in a flexbox container. (279992@main) (129343181)

Safari Extensions

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed throwing an exception when calling with undefined as a map value. (280265@main) (130282050)



  • Removed non-standard getTransformToElement from SVGGraphicsElement (280208@main) (122435702)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue when inserting writing suggestions into an editable display: grid container. (279986@main) (129366300)

Web Inspector

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed disappearing objects and disclosure triangles when Web Inspector is at narrow widths. (279894@main) (121861970)
  • Fixed the list of breakpoints in the Sources tab disappearing when Web Inspector is reloaded. (279884@main) (123641994)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed RTCEncodedVideoFrame and RTCEncodedAudioFrame to match the WebIDL specification. (280198@main) (118607685)