5 new WebKit reviewers!

I’m very pleased to announce 5 new WebKit reviewers: Brent Fulgham, Dirk Pranke, Enrica Casucci, Hajime Morita, and Stephen White. Looking at how they have contributed gives some perspective on the many areas where progress is being made in WebKit.

For years, Brent has been the driving force behind the redistributable Windows WebKit port, helping to improve and maintain the Cairo drawing layer as well as the cURL networking layer. He also unified the internal platform font classes, improved the WebKit printing APIs on Windows, and upstreamed code from other forks of WebKit.

Dirk has been rewriting the test tooling (run-webkit-tests) so the suite of over 20,000 tests can be run in parallel, drastically cutting down the time needed to run all the tests.  In the process, he has redesigned run-webkit-tests and added a large number of tests to help ensure that it works properly on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Over the past year and a half, Enrica has made fantastic improvements to HTML Editing where she has developed a particular expertise.  In addition, she has contributed to a plethora of other areas including drag and drop, input methods, WebKit2, scrolling, and accelerated compositing.

Hailing from Tokyo, Morrita-san has hacked on <progress> and <meter> elements, upstreamed Chromium’s DumpRenderTree, fixed forms and spell-checking and editing bugs, and most recently, implemented large chunks of the shadow DOM and the nascent Web Component Model (the artist formerly known as XBL 2.0).

Stephen has been implementing HTML5 correctness fixes and improvements in graphics and rendering performance.  Recently, he has been working on GPU-accelerated 2D rendering.

I’m looking forward to their future contributions as well.

Please join me in welcoming them!