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Safari Hits 6.25% Market Share

Posted by Maciej Stachowiak on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 at 9:04 pm

The latest browser market share data is in, and Safari has hit 6.25%, breaking 6% for the first time. Last month’s share was 5.81%, so this is a significant increase. It was only nine months ago that Safari broke 5%. Safari market share has now almost tripled from 2.14% in June 2005, when the WebKit Open Source project launched.

This growth, combined with recent WebKit adoption in projects such as the Iris Browser, Qt 4.4, Android, Adobe AIR, Epiphany, KDE Plasma, iCab and more, is breathtaking and shows huge positive momentum for the WebKit project. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the project.

11 Responses to “Safari Hits 6.25% Market Share”

  1. koavf Says:

    Your first link directs the reader back to this post. Do you have a source for your numbers?


  2. Maciej Stachowiak Says:


    I made the link wrong, now fixed.

  3. Spot Says:

    Don’t forget the webkit use in Shiira lives on in Demeter

  4. schrep Says:

    Congrats guys! With Safari, Opera, and Firefox together at > 25% we can hopefully move the web forward much faster!

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  6. jeffr Says:

    This is excellent. It would also be interesting to see the increase in contributions to webkit to see how the team is evolving as well.

  7. frobnutz Says:

    Awesome! Very nice work. Does this include Safari on the iPhone?
    [I’m planning to use it more as soon as I can figure out what I need to
    change in order to recompile it with session-only cookies.]

  8. A Nonny Moose Says:

    I wonder how many of these are people who “accidentally” downloaded it when iTunes/Quicktime offered it as an “upgrade.”

  9. Mark Rowe Says:

    @A Nonny Moose: Very few. Market share measures *usage* and not installation.

  10. A Nonny Moose Says:

    >>Market share measures *usage* and not installation.<<
    Good point.

  11. randallfarmer Says:

    Another angle on this: 27% of Web users are off of Internet Explorer. Can only mean good things for Web standards (and bad things for incompatible, one-browser-only content).