Introduction (and Bugzilla News)

Hi everyone, I’m one of the other people that Hyatt mentioned would be posting here. My name is Maciej Stachowiak and some of my of areas of specialty in WebKit-land include JavaScript, DOM, performance and security.

I don’t have anything interesting to report on my recent work just yet, but I wanted to tell you about some new documents on the WebKit site about dealing with bugs in bugzilla. You should check these out if you are filing bugs or working on fixes. (And if you are doing either of these things, then you are totally our hero. Users of Safari and other WebKit-based apps will cast flowers before your feet everywhere you go. But I digress.)

Safari/WebKit team member Vicki Murley posted this document on bug priorities, so you can set them right when filing or screening bugs. And fellow Safarian John Sullivan wrote up this guide to the life cycle of a bug. Joost de Valk (AlthA on #webkit) helped with both of these documents and can answer your questions about them.

If you would have been filing and/or fixing lots bugs and would like the ability to confirm or edit, just ask: Darin, Hyatt and I can all grant you the powers.