Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 72

Safari Technology Preview Release 72 is now available for download for macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS Mojave and from the Mac App Store’s Updates tab on macOS High Sierra. After updating to macOS Mojave, you may have to reinstall Safari Technology Preview.

This release covers WebKit revisions 238607-239091.

Web Authentication

  • Added support for CTAP HID authenticators on macOS (r238729)

CSS Painting API

  • Added CSS Painting API support for multiple worklets. (r239067)
  • Changed the CSS Painting API to pass this to the paint callback, and repaint when properties change. (r238686)
  • Updated the CSS Painting API to allow image values in inputProperties (r238872)
  • Updated the CSS Painting API to scale the display list when drawing (r238839)


  • Changed CSS subresource loads to not be observable from resource timing if the stylesheet is opaque (r238698)
  • Changed overflow scrolling layers to be self-painting (r238725)
  • Changed to prevent computing animated values when there is no relevant animation (r239090)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to prevent removing spaces from content-types before processing (r239040)
  • Fixed HEAD requests becoming changed to GET requests after 301, 302, and 303 redirects (r238891)
  • Fixed document.lastModified to work for non-rendered documents (r238628)
  • Fixed IndexedDB with binary data (Uint8Array) and autoIncrement key in store (r238677)
  • Modernized version checks for same site cookie support (r238614)
  • Restricted the DeviceMotion and DeviceOrientation APIs to secure contexts (r239087)


  • Added support for firing the devicechange event when more capture device information is revealed when getUserMedia is granted by user (r238796)
  • Fixed the devicechange event to not fire in frames that can’t access capture devices (r239006)
  • Changed scaled video frames to be resized in letterbox mode (r239016)
  • Fixed DataChannels created asynchronously to open properly (r239064)
  • Fixed calling getUserMedia in a link that was opened with target="_blank" to work properly the second time (r238873)
  • Fixed the case of a sender created through addTransceiver whose track is populated using addTrack (r238845)

Web Inspector

  • Enabled selection of multiple properties by default in the Styles sidebar (r238649)
  • Fixed $0 being shown for all selected elements in the Elements tab (r238859)
  • Fixed jumping from Computed to Styles to correctly select the property in the Elements tab (r238762)
  • Fixed the overlay bounds rulers to match the element when the page is scrolled (r239079)
  • Fixed disclosure triangles for RTL to be flipped and aligned right (r238711)
  • Fixed the selection of properties of read-only rules in the Styles sidebar (r238813)
  • Updated the selected DOM node scope highlight to improve contrast in the Elements tab (r238671)
  • Updated ⌘A to select all visible nodes in the Elements tab (r238858)
  • Fixed “Add Default Audits” shown when there are no filter results in the Audit tab (r238831)
  • Fixed empty results folder shown after clearing filters in the Audit tab (r238648)
  • Fixed navigating while tests are running to properly stop and clear all results in the Audit tab (r238841)
  • Fixed the sidebar briefly showing “No Filter Results” before populating default audits in the Audit tab (r238842)
  • Updated to save the expanded state of test groups in the Audit tab (r238843)
  • Updated test tree elements to start out collapsed in the Audit tab (r238822)
  • Updated tests to support async operations in the Audit tab (r238850)

Web Share API

  • Fixed the share overlay to properly stick to the Safari window (r238941)


  • Fixed the lifetime of the HTMLMediaElement to be properly handled in asynchronous actions (r238788)


  • Enabled .mjs content when loaded from file:// (r238673)
  • Added BigInt support for logic operations (r238861)
  • Implemented BigInt support for << and >> (r238790)

Service Workers

  • Fixed updating a service worker during a navigation load sometimes causing the load to fail (r238683)