Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 90

Safari Technology Preview Release 90 is now available for download for macOS Mojave and the macOS Catalina beta. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 248024-248705.


  • Fixed ping loads to not prevent page caching (r248265)
  • Prevented autofocus for cross-origin iframes (r248491)
  • Prevented navigations of frames about to get replaced by the result of evaluating javascript: URLs (r248410)
  • Updated Element.outerHTML to link missing attribute prefixes in some cases in HTML documents (r248042)
  • Updated the wrapper for navigator.geolocation to not become GC-collectable once its frame is detached (r248276)


  • Fixed an issue where muted <video> elements could block the display from sleeping (r248387)


  • Fixed incorrect this in negotiationneeded event (r248267)


Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Added a way to disable or set a breakpoint on all event listeners for a given DOM node or event type in the Node details sidebar panel (r248052)
    • Added showing @supports CSS groupings in the Styles details sidebar panel (r248602)
    • Added experimental quick-action icon buttons to each CSS rule in the Styles details sidebar panel (r248202)
    • Added display of radius values in Box Model section of the Computed details sidebar panel (r248328)
    • Fixed an issue where CSS variable swatches were not shown for var() with a fallback in the Styles details sidebar panel (r248279)
    • Fixed some RTL issues in the Computed details sidebar panel (r248390, r248311)
    • Moved psuedo-selector rules before inherited rules in the Styles details sidebar panel (r248204)
    • Moved the Box Model section to the top of the Computed details sidebar panel (r248683)
  • Resources
    • Fixed brotli-compressed resources to correctly show as being compressed in the Resources details sidebar (r248284)
    • Fixed to properly handle CSS comments with an escape character when pretty printing (r248197)
  • Debugger
    • Added a global breakpoint for “All Events” which will pause whenever any event listener is about to be fired (r248201)
  • Timelines
    • Made Heap Snapshots searchable (r248198)
    • Fixed an issue where Develop > Start Timeline Recording didn’t work when focused on a detached Web Inspector window (r248177)
  • Console
    • Changed to always show all navigation items in the header area of the split console (r248180)
    • Fixed issue where the execution context picker didn’t update when switching to the inferred context from auto (r248196)
    • Provided a way to set an alias for previous console evaluation values (e.g. $0, $1, …, $99) in case the inspected page has variables with the same name (r248287)
    • Renamed queryObjects console command line API to queryInstances for clarity (r248434)
    • Supported console.screenshot with dataURL strings (r248688)
  • Overlay
    • Changed to show page width and height information (r248053)
  • Settings
    • Added an Engineering pane to expose useful settings for WebKit engineers (r248391)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dragging an image from Safari to Notes to correctly appear (r248166)