Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 93

Safari Technology Preview Release 93 is now available for download for macOS Mojave and the macOS Catalina beta. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 249750-250329.

Resource Timing

  • Updated to report performance entries with all HTTP status codes (r250167)


  • Added auto behavior for rx and ry to the SVG <ellipse> and <rect> elements (r250147)
  • Fixed SVG <animateMotion> to reset the element to its first animation frame if its fill is set to "remove" (r249974)
  • Fixed SMIL animations of SVG <view> element having no effect (r249843)


  • Added support for sync-xhr feature policy (r250288)
  • Changed to use the same parser for <meta http-equiv="refresh"> and Refresh HTTP header (r249792)
  • Fixed Node.replaceChild()‘s pre-replacement validation order (r249821)
  • Fixed parsing Access-Control-Expose-Headers correctly (r249946)
  • Fixed preserving Content-Type to be preserved on responses created from DOMCache (r249945)
  • Fixed Date.prototype.toJSON to properly execute (r249861)
  • Fixed HTMLVideoElement with a broken poster image to take a square dimension (r250100)
  • Fixed a case where the Intersection Observer intersection ratio becomes larger than 1 (r249845)
  • Fixed cropped dropdown shadow for <datalist> (r250260)
  • Fixed blocking insecure WebSocket URL connection attempts by Workers on secure pages (r250300)
  • Fixed posting a message to a redundant Service Worker should fail silently instead of throwing (r249781)
  • Improved CSP inheritance semantics (r250255)
  • Provided a prototype for AR QuickLook to trigger processing in the originating page (r249855)
  • Removed gopher from the list of special schemes in URLParser (r249941)

Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Prevented showing the Changes details sidebar panel when selecting text nodes (r249788)
  • Resources
  • Canvas
    • Added GPUDevice content previews and device configuration (r249786)
    • Added a list of any GPURenderPipeline/GPUComputePipeline, including the content of any GPUShaderModule, for the associated GPUDevice (r250258)
  • Console
    • Added a “Show More” button to see more than 100 items in arrays / collections (r250087)
    • Decreased the amount of horizontal space used by autocompletion bubbles (r249848)
    • Improved autocompletion typing performance by avoiding global forced layouts (r249863)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Changed to allow undocked Web Inspector windows to be dragged around by the title text (r250063)


  • Exposed misspelling ranges for editable content to accessibility clients. (r249893)

Apple Pay

  • Added support for telling websites why a session was cancelled (r250048)
  • Cleaned up handling of summary items and payment method updates (r250179)


  • Added missing syntax errors for await in function parameter default expressions (r249925)


  • Ensured structs and arrays with pointers as fields are disallowed (r249787)
  • Removed null from the standard library (r249794)

Web Authentication

  • Added support for more than two FIDO protocol versions (r249927)


  • Fixed a bug that caused safaridriver —enable to not take effect immediately in some cases.