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Apple Joins HTML Working Group, You Can Too

Posted by Maciej Stachowiak on Tuesday, March 20th, 2007 at 4:35 pm

Recently, the W3 Consortium announced a renewed HTML Working Group effort. Apple has joined this working group, with myself, Hyatt and Adele as our initial representatives. The HTML Working Group has an unusually open process, meaning that anyone can join. If you are part of the WebKit community and interested in helping to define the next generation of HTML, Ian Hickson has instructions for how to join.

Apple is also stepping up our participation in other W3C working groups and other standards bodies related to web technology. If you are interested in helping with any of this work, get in touch and we might be able to get people invited to these other groups.

12 Responses to “Apple Joins HTML Working Group, You Can Too”

  1. wootest Says:

    I have two questions:

    Would “other standards bodies” include WHATWG?
    Will Apple’s team try to bring some of the freshness of the WHATWG HTML5 spec to W3C’s efforts?

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  4. maciej Says:


    There are already Apple engineers subscribed to the whatwg list and actively participating.

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  8. poncho Says:

    Great news Maciej,

    I’m very glad to see WebKit being used in quite a few places (most notably in Adobe’s Apollo). I’m feeling a little better about the prospects for the HTML working group with a WebKit presence joining Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera and other interested parties. I would tend to side with HTML 5 rather than XHTML 2 but as long as the final standard is supported by the browser manufacturers I’ll be happy. Maybe you could give the MSFT team a nod in the right direction in relation to the xhtml mime-type while you’re there :p

    By the way, WebKit seems to be coming on by leaps and bounds these days. Keep up the good work, we web developers owe all the contributors a debt of gratitude :)


  9. wootest Says:


    I know that Apple engineers are involved. How about Apple, the company? Why are legal threats about the “intellectual property” of the canvas object sent around? Are you being run over by company policy to not trust anyone else but W3C or IETF?

    I appreciate the voice the WebKit team can bring to the discussion. I appreciate that Apple has a team of intelligent engineers, and of course all people that know how the web works. All I’m wondering is – what’s the WebKit team doing to help wake the rest of the company up to the *other* spec that, after all, is partially implemented (the slider input range type) in WebKit already?

  10. maciej Says:

    We hope that the HTML Working Group will pick up HTML5 and continue that work. XHTML2 is under a separate working group which we are not joining.

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