Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 175

Safari Technology Preview Release 175 is now available for download for macOS Sonoma beta and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 265694@main…266088@main.


  • Fixed some content on web pages not displaying on braille displays (265957@main)


  • Changed to allow an empty font-family name in @font-face and @font-palette-values (265997@main)
  • Fixed -webkit-box-decoration-break: clone with left and right padding causes unexpected wrapping of inline content (266051@main)
  • Fixed serializing CSS math function root nodes (265892@main, 265879@main, 265886@main, 265885@main, 265881@main)
  • Fixed result of tan() in degenerate cases (265881@main)
  • Fixed min() and max() with one argument to always collapse to calc() (265893@main)
  • Fixed NaN numeric representation to be 0 not Infinity (265891@main)
  • Fixed @font-face { src: format() } to parse valid unsupported keywords (266043@main)
  • Fixed @font-face { src: tech() } to parse valid unsupported keywords (265999@main)
  • Fixed font-tech() to not validate the descriptor for any invalid item (266032@main)
  • Fixed animation using padding-block or padding-inline not overriding the set padding style (265956@main)


  • Fixed an issue when breaking out of an empty list item in case of nested lists (265747@main)


  • Added WebCodecs HEVC support (266044@main)
  • Fixed enumerateDevices to not include devices that can not be used (265947@main, 265923@main)
  • Fixed VideoFrame buffer constructor not respecting the codedWidth if visibleRect is present (265844@main)


  • Added support for priority to CSS Highlight API (265812@main)
  • Aligned <script type language> with the HTML Standard (265977@main)
  • Fixed camera RAW files picked via file input getting returned as PNG on change (266049@main)
  • Fixed HTMLTableSectionElement.insertRow(0) and HTMLTableRowElement.insertCell(0) (265768@main)
  • Fixed incorrect tab stop if the tab-size is a <length> and the distance to the next tab stop is less than 0.5ch (265922@main)
  • Fixed Service Worker redirect losing the hash fragment (265845@main)
  • Fixed setting the outerHTML on a child of DocumentFragment to not throw an error (266086@main)
  • Made nodeValue and textContent for Attr nodes not nullable (265769@main)

Web Inspector

  • Stopped using Number.prototype.toLocaleString() for numeric console format specifiers (266020@main)