WebKit Features in Safari 16.6

Today’s release of Safari is the seventh since last fall. It focuses on key bug fixes and feature polish.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed using currentcolor with color-mix().
  • Fixed content at block-start edge to have their trimmed margins reflected in the computed style.
  • Fixed trimmed block-end margins for block containers to be reflected in the computed style in a horizontal writing mode.
  • Fixed compression streams to handle large outputs during the flush stage.
  • Fixed trimming nested self-collapsing children at block-end.
  • Fixed the CSS hypot() function sometimes returning the result squared.
  • Fixed container query length units to use the content box instead of the border box.
  • Fixed serializing properties directly in the parent group rule only for the first nested style rule.


  • Fixed the value not updating on <meter> and <progress> elements.


  • Fixed putImageData to draw on the correct canvas.


We love hearing from you. Send a tweet to @webkit to share your thoughts on Safari 16.6. Find us on Mastodon at @jensimmons@front-end.social and @jondavis@mastodon.social. If you run into any issues, we welcome your feedback on Safari UI, or your WebKit bug report about web technologies or Web Inspector. Filing issues really does make a difference.

Download the latest Safari Technology Preview to stay at the forefront of the web platform and to use the latest Web Inspector features. You can also read the Safari 16.6 release notes.

Updating to Safari 16.6

Safari 16.6 is available for macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16. You can update to Safari 16.6 on macOS Monterey or macOS Big Sur by going to System Preferences → Software Update → More info, and choosing to update Safari. To update macOS Ventura, iOS or iPadOS, go to Settings → General → Software Update.