Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 78

Safari Technology Preview Release 78 is now available for download for macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS Mojave and from the Mac App Store’s Updates tab on macOS High Sierra. After updating to macOS Mojave, you may have to reinstall Safari Technology Preview.

This release covers WebKit revisions 242087-242836.

Pointer Events

  • Enabled support for Pointer Events by default (r242232)
  • Added support for Pointer Events on macOS (r242137)

Web Inspector

  • Enabled the CPU Usage timeline by default (r242741, r242739, r242567, r242243)
  • Added an Energy Impact section to the CPU Usage timeline (r242300)
  • Added Statistics and Sources sections to the CPU Usage timeline (r242562)
  • Added CPU Usage categorization per-thread and per-worker (r242466, r242104, r242242, r242740)
  • Added support for system accent color throughout the user interface (r242118, r242578, r242296)
  • Added node contextual menu items for event listeners sorted by node in the Elements tab (r242820)
  • Added support for shift-clicking a variable swatch to replace the text with the variable’s value in the Styles sidebar (r242602)
  • Added support for Control-Space to toggle the auto-completion menu in the Styles sidebar (r242218)
  • Added a go-to button for overridden CSS properties to jump to the effective property in the Styles sidebar (r242622)
  • Added the version number in the UI of the Audit tab (r242395)
  • Added export Canvas recording as HTML in the Canvas tab (r242809)
  • Changed to remove event listeners once a recording is ready in the Canvas tab (r242511)
  • Changed to stop showing the auto-stop UI when not inspecting a page in the Timelines tab (r242244)
  • Changed enabling “Stop when page loads” toggle to stop any active recording if the load event has already occurred in the Timelines tab (r242370)
  • Changed to allow image collections to be filtered by type in the Sources tab (r242829)
  • Changed breakpoints to be disabled when an audit is running (r242315)
  • Changed to not enable breakpoints when the source location changes in the Debugger tab (r242314)
  • Changed to highlight the node when hovering event listeners sorted by node in the Elements tab (r242590)
  • Fixed color swatches for valid inputs with leading or trailing whitespace in the Canvas tab (r242553)
  • Fixed DOM, URL, and Event breakpoints to grey out when all breakpoints are disabled in the Debugger tab (r242318)
  • Fixed the ability to select records in the bottom 16px of the timeline overview graph (r242510)
  • Fixed unreadable text in bezier curve editor numeric input fields in dark mode (r242151)
  • Fixed popover colors when transitioning to and from dark mode (r242144)
  • Fixed DOM event breakpoints firing when breakpoints are disabled (r242588)
  • Fixed frequent flashing of DOM node attributes in the Elements tab (r242322)
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut for the Settings tab on non-US keyboards (r242821)
  • Fixed no results when opening to Search tab (r242105)
  • Improved handling past recordings in the Timelines tab (r242785)
  • Updated to only show changes for the given node in the CSS Changes sidebar (r242556)


  • Fixed string not getting terminated with a null character (r242352)


  • Adjusted XMLHttpRequest Content-Type handling (r242284)
  • Added support for the referrerpolicy attribute (r242534)
  • Implemented further CORS restrictions (r242786)


  • Added remote search support for keyboard focusable element search type (r242528)


  • Removed HEVC as a codec requiring hardware support (r242357)