Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 79

Safari Technology Preview Release 79 is now available for download for macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS Mojave and from the Mac App Store’s Updates tab on macOS High Sierra. After updating to macOS Mojave, you may have to reinstall Safari Technology Preview.

This release covers WebKit revisions 242836-243538.

Web Authentication

  • Implemented FIDO AppID extension (r243193)


  • Implemented support for new meter ARIA role (r243198)

Service Workers

  • Changed to use a ServiceWorker process per registrable domain (r242905)

Browser Changes

  • Blocked all plugins smaller than 5px × 5px (r242949)


  • Fixed CSS grid container baseline alignment for orthogonal items (r243432)
  • Fixed a single leading space not being considered as a word break even when word-break: break-all is set (r243437)


  • Changed to use smaller default storage quotas for third-party frames (r243247)
  • Fixed Intl.DateTimeFormat to obey 2-digit hour (r243512)
  • Fixed toggling display: contents to display: none failing to hide the element (r243444)

Web Inspector

  • Added support for import and export of timeline recordings in the Timelines tab (r243024)
  • Added support for HAR import in the Network tab (r242948)
  • Added a toggle to switch between live activity and Imported HAR resource collections in the Network tab (r243004)
  • Added a HAR extension for resource priority in the Network tab (r243031)
  • Added a HAR extension for serverIPAddress port number in the Network tab (r243087)
  • Added icons for WebGL2 contexts in the Canvas tab (r243424)
  • Added support for style attribute changes to get tracked in the Changes sidebar (r243038)
  • Added support for a way to filter out all Console messages, evaluations, or results (r243260)
  • Added support for ::-webkit-scrollbar* rules being shown in the Styles sidebar (r242939)
  • Added a flattened Timeline overview that shows all records, one per line in the Timelines tab (r243301)
  • Changed to show when preventDefault() was called on an event or not in the Timelines tab (r243269)
  • Changed to support DOM searches to be case sensitive in the Search tab (r243207)
  • Fixed the WebGL action icon to not invert when selected in the Canvas tab (r243426)
  • Fixed changes to CSS resources only taking effect once editing stops (r243208)
  • Fixed getEventListeners to work for any EventTarget in the Console (r242940)
  • Fixed pausing in an inline script on a page with a URL query creating an Extra Script in the Debugger tab (r242929)
  • Fixed selecting a node in a different frame to automatically switch the Console prompt’s execution context (r243214)
  • Fixed HAR Export duplicating blocked time and send time if there was no DNS or Connect block in the Network tab (r242896)
  • Fixed Page Weight indicator clearing on pages with zero length resources (r243452)
  • Fixed canvas being rendered twice per frame in the Canvas tab (r243400)
  • Fixed collapsing a section not shrinking the space used by that section in the Source tab (r243271)
  • Fixed disabled breakpoints banner to be sticky in the Sources tab (r243225)
  • Fixed group by path names to not use the resource file name in the Sources tab (r243300)
  • Fixed editing the selector to not hide the rule in the Styles sidebar (r243264)
  • Fixed the “jump to effective property” button not hiding after overridden property becomes effective in the Styles sidebar (r242973)
  • Fixed export on about:blank causing the suggested filename to contain a colon and silently fail in the Timelines tab (r243355)
  • Gave long thread names a tooltip if they could be truncated in the CPU Usage timeline (r243026)
  • Included window as part of any event listener chain in the DOM (r243244)
  • Provided $event in the Console when paused on an event listener (r243161)
  • Provided a way to capture a screenshot of a node from within the page (r242992)32
  • Provided a way to get the contents of resources for audits in the Audit tab (r242941)
  • Provided option to group by path in the Sources tab (r243180)
  • Reduced the intensity of the orange overlay color for dark mode in the CPU Usage timeline (r243025)