Safari Technology Preview 84, with Safari 13 Features, is Now Available

Safari Technology Preview Release 84 is now available for download for macOS Mojave. With this release, Safari Technology Preview is now available for betas of macOS Catalina. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update from the Software Update pane of System Preferences.

This release covers the same revisions of WebKit from Safari Technology Preview 83, but includes new Safari and WebKit features that will be present in Safari 13. The following Safari 13 features are new to Safari Technology Preview 84:

Refreshed Favorites Design. The Favorites page has been visually refreshed, and now includes Show More and Show Less actions.

Switch to Tab from Smart Search Field. The Smart Search Field now offers switching to an already-open tab when a search query matches the title or URL of an open tab.

Warnings for Weak Passwords. When signing into a website with a weak password, Safari will prompt you to visit the website in a new tab to upgrade the password to an Automatic Strong Password. Safari uses the well-known URL for changing passwords (/.well-known/change-password), allowing websites to take users directly to their change password pages. The password list in Safari Preferences has also been updated to flag weak passwords.

Many more WebKit features in Safari 13 are present in this release of Safari Technology Preview and have been in past releases. You can read more about these changes in What’s New in Safari 13 Beta.